The Legacy Law Enforcement Foundation was created to help law enforcement agencies increase officer safety, provide equipment and technology to reduce crime, generate better community relations and assist in their mission to protect and serve the citizens of our community.  The role of LLEF is not to displace budget funding for the agencies we support. However, as law enforcement tasks become more complex, agencies have increasing needs to stay current in obtaining ongoing officer training, technical equipment and software upgrades as well as developing partnerships and programs that engage with the community.

LLEF continues its mission to raise money and provide items such as specialty equipment , technology items, software upgrades, and training conferences for enhanced education of officers. We want our local area law enforcement agencies to be better trained, better equipped and better supported than the criminals who threaten our communities, businesses and children.

LLEF further supports our community by partnering with worthy charities to support and enhance the community spirit and enrich the lives of those we support.

Our Mission Statement and Leadership can be found on their respective pages.